Forgotten Weapons

1919 Secret Weapons - America Poster


The first release in our WWI series - 1919 Secret Weapons - America

It’s 1918, and the Great War shows no sign of ending soon. We need to make one final push to crush the Hun when the weather clears in the Spring of 1919, and that calls for some proper Secret Weapons! While John Browning has been making the BAR, John Pedersen has been busy converting the American 1903 Springfield rifle into a rapid-fire carbine. Deliberately named the “Automatic Pistol, Model of 1918” to confuse German spies, the Pedersen Device is an iconic American secret weapon that was fated to never see action because of the Armistice in November 1918.]

  • Printed on glossy paper 
  • Measures 18" x 24"


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